Top 10 Slack Apps for 2018

When you manage a growing team, choosing the right software becomes a priority. You need to ensure that the tools you work with are complementing your values and continue to boost your team’s productivity.

Like you, we love Slack too. One way Slack makes itself indispensable is the ability to add powerful apps and integrations.

Did you know there over 2000 apps listed in the Slack App directory? Lots to choose from! How to select the best? Fear not, fellow Slack lovers, we are here to help!

We spoke to our customers to discover their favorite Slack apps. Let the drums roll :)


Talk to website visitors and customers in real-time without leaving Slack! The app is designed to give website visitors an experience similar to the one you get when you visit your favourite store. Drift tells you who is visiting your site and powerful context like their industry, company size, revenue and even their technographics profile thanks to the integration with Clearbit.



Run aysnchronous standup meetings in Slack and Standuply will send you the collated responses in Slack and email. Teams are using it to make standup meetings more productive and efficient. You can use any of the built-in templates or define your own set of questions.


AttendanceBot is the highest ranked app in Slack directory to track time, attendance and leaves (employee time-off). Measure your team’s productivity by tracking track time on projects, tasks and billable hours with clients. Employees send simple messages to the bot to mark their attendance or track time. Managers can generate timesheets and reports for a team in real-time.



A fun and simple app for Slack that lets you recognize teammates for their efforts and accomplishments. You can give tacos meant for cultural values and even track performance using leaderboards!



As Lord Kelvin once said “If you can not measure it, you can not improve it.” Statsbot is a Slack bot to get data and powerful insights from Google Analytics, Mixpanel and your SQL databases. You can also set up automated reports, predictions, and smart alerts.



Polly makes polling via Slack seamless and fast. Use messages to run surveys for any purpose and your team members will be able to respond with a single click. Polls can be open ended, multiple choice, have a numeric scale.



Zapier lets you integrate Slack with several hundreds of other apps like Jira, Salesforce, Zendesk, Gmail, Basecamp, HubSpot, Evernote, Google Sheets and more! You can get information from the apps or create automatic task workflows to save time.


Meekan Scheduling

Are you wasting time to check availability in your or your colleagues calendars? Meekan Scheduling app does it for you. It is your scheduling assistant that will find the perfect meeting time, an available room and message the team members to book their time.



Tettra is your powerful company knowledge base. Organize crucial information used by your team on a daily basis in a central, searchable place. You can also organize documents like company policies, new hire onboarding, technical documentation for developers etc.



Mention helps you track brand, industry or competition mentions on the web. It sends you real-time alerts which can even be customized by source. to receive everything. We love the way it shows an ‘influencer score’ and the tone of each mention.

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